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With millions of copies sold globally, we have authored books for our clients that have become bestsellers. All of this is done under pressure, and the committed authors working on your project make sure it is finished on schedule. With eye-catching and extremely pertinent book covers created to maximize marketing for your book, we give voice to your story and spirit to your notions.

We have a 100% client satisfaction rate because of our drive to keep producing until the customer is happy and because our authors and project management system are geared to effectively express your aims. We won't stop until we have made you a best-selling author, so if you want to make your name in the literacy industry, you're at the right place!

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Extensive Research Along With Outlining of the Draft

When an order is placed, a member of our staff gets in touch with the client and discusses every element of the book's plot, premise, or subject matter. The committee then calls a meeting to discuss the proposal with the team. The team selects a writer to be given the job, and your work is started right away.

Authentic & Creative Writing

After you are done approving our extensively researched outline, our storytellers will immediately start writing your first draft involving your idea. If there is something that the consumer needs to change, we clearly ask the writer to obey the client's instructions strictly and operate according to their suggestions, to ensure full satisfaction.

Evaluative Review, Editing & Proofreading

We keep performing multiple iterations of the editing of the drafts for the betterment of our writing process. Our teams keep you updated concerning the content in the process. Our editor carries on proofreading and editing the manuscript until the book is finished, editing it according to international guidelines and standards.

Substantial Formatting, Designing, and Typesetting

We format it thoroughly by inserting fonts and drawings and integrating the accepted front and back covers as soon as the manuscript is written, revised, proofread, and approved by the customer. We take reviews from the client at every single step to be sure that we are heading in the correct direction.

Publishing, Branding, and Promotions

We print the book in your preferred format and conduct a personalized marketing and promotional plan after the final manuscript is accepted. We have assisted hundreds of clients in becoming writers through our professional writing and publication services. Our last step will ensure that your book is read in front of the people it was written for!

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Not only do we offer the best customer service, a money-back guarantee, and top-tier services- we give incredible Discounts!

Hidden Treasures for Aspiring Authors

We have more than just the ordinary services:

Amazon Book Publishing

At Emerald Ghostwriting, we offer Amazon publishing services. Amazon is one of the most popular publishing platforms, especially when it comes to e-books. Our publishers thoroughly assist the authors in publishing their work on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and many other platforms. The level of expertise is attained by our professionals after years of hard work. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the mega launch you deserve!

Social Media

At Emerald Ghostwriting, we use social media marketing to hook readers. With our affordable prices and superior work, you'll have a truly memorable experience. Our expert team includes accomplished bloggers and interesting content producers who will develop a plan that works for your books. We promise that using our marketing services will result in the desired results at a reasonable price.

We Write All Genres
- What’s Yours?

The pursuit of your goal of becoming a bestselling author will be facilitated by our team of qualified book writers. The following genres are covered by us:


Our experienced romance ghostwriters can help you create a heartwarming love story with compelling characters and plot twists that will keep your readers engaged until the very end.


Our mystery/thriller ghostwriters can craft suspenseful and unpredictable plotlines with unforgettable twists and turns that will keep your readers on the edge of their seats.


Our self-help ghostwriters can help you share your knowledge and expertise on various topics, offering practical advice and tips that can benefit your readers.


Our business/finance ghostwriters can help you translate your ideas into a clear and concise message that resonates with your target audience, whether it's an informative e-book or a detailed business plan.

Children’s Book

Our children book ghostwriters can help you write an interesting story with colorful illustrations which will catch the attention of the young readers.


Do you think others can be inspired by your own life story? Give your experience to us.

Here's how Emerald Ghostwriting was a
dream come true for Christie!


She came to us with a failed book, and an unedited manuscript!


She had big aspirations but things weren’t working for her.


Our experts started working for her, and spent days and nights in refining her work in all possible ways.


She now owns a best-seller book, and couldn’t be happier.


Christie is smart. Be like Christie!

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We have helped thousands of authors become trendsetters in their respective genres and produce multiple best-selling books. Here’s some of the work we have done so far!

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When Josh came to us, he was an aspiring writer and believed that he could make an impact on the literacy world through his writing. He wanted to work with us in the long run and could see himself becoming a best-selling author after his fourth or fifth book. Our experts resonated with his vision, and after continuous hard work, he published his first book within three months. To our surprise, the plan seemed to be working in his favor, and his sales were skyrocketing in no time. It's been a year since his debut book, with another on the way, and the books don't stop selling. He has made a million dollars from his book up until now and can't see what the future holds!

Josh Is Smart; Be Like Josh.

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Emerald Ghostwriting can write books in all kinds of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, autobiography, memoir, self-help, and children’s books.

You may write your own manuscript for our team to modify and edit. However, all you need is a good idea or a story for our team to convert it into a bestseller.

Our packages are affordable and pocket-friendly, which we can guarantee; apart from that, if you need a specific amount for your desired project, you may contact our representatives.

We ensure timely deliverance of projects as per your needs. We try to complete each project within a period of two to three months.

Yes. We guarantee producing unique, fact-checked, and high-quality content each time.

Of course. Whatever is discussed between us stays between us. Our services offer 100% confidentiality.

You can claim all the book's rights, the book will be published under your name, and our ghost-writing services will be confidential, followed by a Non-disclosure Agreement.

Of course. Whatever is discussed between us stays between us. Our services offer 100% confidential. We never reuse or reproduce your content.

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  • Our representatives will reach out to you once you submit your information.
  • We will ensure we have the details required to proceed with the book writing process.
  • Once that’s sorted, a dedicated book writer would be assigned for your book. They will have the right expertise and knowledge required for the content you want.
  • A project manager will overlook the entire book writing process and ensure timely deliveries.

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